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Each Innate Imaging facility is well-equipped with state-of-the-art digital imaging technology with highly skilled medical staff to provide you with accurate and quick imaging reports at affordable prices.

Our precision reports help physicians properly diagnose the problem to prepare a correct treatment plan for you.

Every treatment is uncompromising in quality, allowing us to provide the most exceptional imaging services ensuring the right procedure, at the right time, to each patient.

Innate Imaging Technicians

Imaging Services

Imaging scan of lungs

MRI With Contrast

Contrast helps improve the clarity of the images of the body’s internal structures.

Female patient receiving MRI

MRI Without Contrast

Non-contrast MRI is a great option for whom dye in not recommended.

Calcium Score CT Scan

Calcium Score

Calcium Score is a non-invasive CT Scan procedure of the heart.

CT Scan Plano

CT Scan With Contrast

Contrast causes the organ or tissue under study to be seen more clearly.

ct scan without contrast

CT Scan Without Contrast

Some CT studies and patient situations require that contrast not be used.

x-ray scan


X-rays are used to get complex imaging of internal organs and bones.

Our Mission

At Innate Imaging, our mission is to become the premier diagnostic imaging provider in the DFW Metroplex, offering the most advanced equipment along with superior image quality.

Affordable Services

If you are looking for the best imaging center in Texas near you, we assure you that we are right in your neighborhood. All the more, we are one of the most affordable Imaging centers in North Texas.