Calcium Score

Calcium Score, which is also known as Cardiac Score or Heart Scan, is a non-invasive CT Scan procedure of the heart. This test calculates your risk of developing Coronary Artery Disease by measuring the amount of calcified plaque in your coronary arteries.

The coronary arteries are the blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to the heart. The plaque found in these arteries is made of fat and calcium, which can narrow or block these arteries. This blockage can lead to chest pain or discomfort called angina. Innate Imaging is recognized for being one of the best imaging centers for Calcium Score in Plano, Texas. For an accurate and affordable Calcium Scan, contact Innate Imaging.


*Disclaimer: A physician’s order is required to initiate these imaging tests. Apart from X-Ray & Calcium Score, a doctor’s prescription is also required for other imaging tests. If you do not have a prescription, a consult can be arranged.