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Imaging Order Form

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We continually strive to develop and maintain trust with our patients and referring physicians in order to build reliable relationships. Our commitment to quality allows us to provide the finest in imaging services leading to the right procedure, at the right time, for each individual patient.

We take the pre-authorization workload off your shoulders. We accept all referrals. If we don’t accept the insurance or offer that exam, we will find a site that does. We offer a quick turnaround time for stat cases, but if there are concerning images, the reading radiologist will call the referring physician while reviewing the images.

Our integrated software faxes reports as soon as they are available. In addition, our office staff will send the images and reports to you on a burned CD with the patient or deliver it directly to your office, based on your preference. We can also provide physicians with a login to our PACS and phone/tablet viewer.