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We are well-equipped with powerful diagnostic tools and treatments that can help in the treatment of various injuries or diseases. Choosing the best imaging services can be overwhelming for you, on the top of it the cost involved can be incredibly expensive for you in case of emergency or injuries.
Innate Imaging services are here to help you with our discount programs, delivered with the same level of expertise and excellence.
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What we offer:


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools available. It is completely safe and painless and is used to get detailed images of soft tissues, muscles, and bones in your body.


Formerly known as a CAT scan, CT scan is a radiology technique which uses x-ray and computer equipment to produce cross-sectional images of body structures, tissues, and organs. This starts with sending thousands of X-ray beams through the body, collecting them on the other end of the arc to compare the strength between the beams.


X-ray is a type of electromagnetic radiation widely used to get imaging of internal organs and bones using radiations. It is prescribed by doctors to identify fractures, fluid build-up between bones, digestive tract issues, spine, arthritis and more.

Calcium Score

Calcium Score

Calcium Score, which is also called Cardiac Score or Heart Scan, is a non-invasive CT Scan procedure of the heart. This test calculates your risk of developing Coronary Artery Disease by measuring the amount of calcified plaque in your coronary arteries.


Echocardiogram or Echo is one of the most advanced technology test used to evaluate the overall functioning of the heart. A hand-held device emitting Ultrasonic (high-frequency sound waves) is placed on the chest to receive a graphic outline of the heart movement, pictures of the heart’s valves and chambers, and blood flow details.


An ultrasound is a process to detect a wide range of diseases and health conditions by transmitting high-frequency sound waves through body tissues. These high-frequency sound waves are not audible, and the echoes are recorded and converted into video or photographic images to identify the changes in internal structures of the body.

MRI / CT Under Anesthesia

MRI or CT scans with anesthesia is generally recommended for people with a necessary need, such as: developmental delay, pain,  claustrophobia or young age. Having anesthesia for a MRI or CT means that you will be unconscious and unaware throughout the procedure.


A sonogram is a non-invasive procedure that allows the doctors to see a patient’s internal organs without needing to perform surgery. It is the image produced during ultrasonography, the technique which uses ultrasound’s high frequency to show the inside of the body – used in most cases for a baby.


An arthrogram is a procedure used to detect problems and issues in joints. In some cases doctors find it hard to detect problems with standard imaging. The arthrogram is widely used to find the exact pain points in case of bone fracture, wear down cartilage, tear a ligament.

Physician Order

A doctor’s prescription is required for these imaging tests. If you do not have a prescription, a consult can be arranged.

All insurances accepted.

*Desclaimer: A physician’s order is required to initiate these imaging tests.