X-Ray During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Safe or Not?

Are there any risks involved in an X-ray scan during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Learn whether the radiation emitting from the X-rays cause any undesired harmful effects.

Getting an X-ray done during pregnancy is generally surrounded by a lot of controversies. However, the risks and side effects associated with an x-ray scan while you’re pregnant are extremely minimalIt is still essential to keep your developing fetus from harm’s way, which is why its a must to aware your health-care professional about your pregnancy when your doctor has ordered an x-ray. 

X-ray scans of body parts such as arms, chest, legs, head, or teeth do not expose your reproductive organs or your unborn child to a direct X-ray beam. However, X-rays of stomach, abdomen, kidneys, pelvis, or lower back can potentially expose your unborn baby to direct X-ray beam. Therefore, depending on your condition and the body part required to be X-rayed, your doctor can recommend you to cancel or postpone your X-ray exam if you’re pregnant. Your X-ray scan can also be modified to reduce the radiation because often the risk of not taking the x-ray scan can be a greater risk than of the radiation. 

Is X-ray safe while breastfeeding? 

Yes, because the radiation doesn’t affect the milk or the baby. Also, it is safe to breastfeed after a regular X-ray. Although mammograms are difficult to read in a lactating mother, women who are giving feed can still go for it if they need a mammogram. When going for an X-ray with contrast media, you can breastfeed only with an exception when the radioactive isotope is used in contrast. In such cases, your doctor may ask you not to breastfeed for a short time. 

Are there any chances the baby will have any adverse side effects? 

As per the American College of Radiology, a single X-ray doesn’t have a significant radiation dose to impact or cause any adverse effect in your baby (developing embryo or fetus). Some other common diagnostic scans are MRI and CT scanaffordable MRI in Texas or CT Scan, connect with Innate Imaging Center.

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