Echocardiogram or Echo is one of the most advanced technology test used to evaluate the overall functioning of the heart. A hand-held device emitting Ultrasonic (high-frequency sound waves) is placed on the chest to receive a graphic outline of the heart movement, pictures of the heart’s valves and chambers, and blood flow details. To receive deep down images of the heart’s valves, echo is usually combined with Doppler ultrasound and color Doppler.

Echo is used to find various types of heart diseases such as valve diseases, myocardial disease, pericardial disease, cardiac masses, and infective endocarditis. Innate Imaging is recognized for being one of the best imaging centers for Echocardiogram in Plano, Texas. For an accurate and affordable Echocardiogram, contact Innate Imaging.

What to Expect?

  • Comprehensive guidance throughout the test to help the patient understand the procedure in full detail.
  • Health check before the test to ensure feasibility.
  • Tested and certified echo labs supervised by expert.
  • Patients are provided comfortable attire to wear during the process
  • After the test, you can resume your daily activities after receiving the examiner’s permission.
  • Our technologist will read the results and prepare the reports for the best possible treatment.
*Disclaimer: A physician’s order is required to initiate these imaging tests.